17th District legislators to hold virtual town hall March 15

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CONTACT: Kent Livingston, Public Information Officer for Rep. Paul Harris | 360-786-7031
John Sattgast, Senior Public Information Officer for Rep. Vicki Kraft | 360-786-7257

17th District legislators to hold virtual town hall March 15

Rep. Vicki Kraft, Rep. Paul Harris, and Sen. Lynda Wilson, all R-Vancouver, are inviting 17th District citizens to join them for a virtual town hall meeting to discuss the many issues of the 2021 legislative session.

“We are now more than halfway into the 2021 legislative session, debating and voting on major issues that will undoubtedly affect families in the 17th District and throughout the state. It’s important we hear from citizens, inform them about moving legislation, and receive their questions, comments and input about the session,” said Kraft. “The town hall is being conducted virtually online, so people can conveniently participate from the comfort of their homes.”

The remote town hall meeting will be conducted using the Zoom platform on Monday, March 15 at 6:30 p.m. Those who would like to participate in the hour-long event must pre-register in advance for the conference by going to any of the three legislators’ websites:

“I look forward to meeting with the people of the 17th District again, albeit remotely,” said Harris. “This will be a great opportunity for us as legislators to listen to our constituents and get a sense of what they are going through and what matters to them the most right now. I’m excited to hear from them and ready to listen and learn.”

“I’ll be ready to update our constituents about the state budget situation, because the majority has put a long list of tax proposals on the table even though there’s no budget deficit, and a huge amount of federal money is likely to be coming to our state. On top of that, Republicans have already proposed budgets that do all sorts of good things without a need for more taxes,” said Wilson, who is the Senate Republican budget leader. “Also, this meeting is even more timely now that the Senate majority has approved an income-tax bill. Our constituents need to know what that means for them and why I opposed it.”

The conference can only accommodate the first 500 attendees, so participants should register early. Participants can also register online at tinyurl.com/17th-town-hall.

The 2021 legislative session began Jan. 11 and is scheduled to end April 25.


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