Rep. Harris issues statement on end of 2012 regular legislative session

The 2012 legislative session adjourned March 8, but without a supplemental operating budget. State lawmakers failed to address a $1.1 billion shortfall in the state’s operating budget.

Rep. Paul Harris, R-Vancouver, issued the following statement:

“Once again we are leaving Olympia only to return for another special session. Frustration and disappointment sum it up best.

“We actually had four different budgets introduced by the caucuses this session, including a bipartisan one out of the Senate, and yet the majority party in the House does not want to acknowledge the Senate budget or the spending plan House Republicans put out in mid-February. I think Olympia has seen so much one-party control that the majority is used to getting its way. They have been unable and unwilling to make difficult decisions and long-term reforms related to state spending.

“Everyone has been aware of our fiscal situation since May. It is time to put partisan politics aside and work on a compromise that addresses concerns of members in each chamber and caucus. Unfortunately, now it is going to cost our taxpayers up to an additional 16 thousand dollars per day we are in Olympia because we didn’t address the budget first. Instead, we saw proposals and policies on a number of other issues.

“My hope is when we return that we can work on a bipartisan plan and get the majority party to look at some of the things we did in the House Republican proposal, such as prioritize education, preserve public safety and protect our most vulnerable citizens.”


Kurt Hammond, Public Information Officer, (360) 786-7794


Washington State House Republican Communications